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Fabco-air cylinders & actuators product selector and configurator

For over 60 years, we have provided best-in-class pneumatic products, solutions and support for a variety of industries, from automotive to semiconductor manufacturing. In addition to the Original Pancake cylinder, we design and deliver linear slides, actuators, air preparation units, valves and more—all with short lead times on both custom and off-the-shelf units.

Comprehensive Actuator Lineup Meets Your Exact Requirements
We have an extensive and diverse selection of actuators to accommodate a host of pneumatic systems and equipment types. From the Original Pancake that set the standard for quality compact cylinders to Pancake II, LONGSTROKE, square, twin-bore and ISO-type styles, you'll find the actuator you need with the quality you demand.

We build quality into our actuators with materials such as anodized Aluminum for the bodies, stainless steel for piston rods and a special non-magnetic composite so bushings stand up to harsh conditions. Many cylinders also come pre-lubricated with Magnalube-G Teflon-impregnated grease for a long operating life. Each actuator boasts a wide range of features and options plus a complete range of bore sizes and stroke lengths to meet your exact requirements.

Select your actuator type to see the available series of products:

1. Compact air cylinders

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2. Round body air cylinders

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3. Square body air cylinders

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4. Multi-piston high force actuators

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Multiple pistons attached to a common rod with internal air passengers produce tremendous forces.

  • The cylinder is made of corrosion-resistant hard-anodized Aluminum.
  • High-performance composite resists corrosion, moisture and temperatures up to 325°F, while offering a high load capacity and very little friction.
  • Hard Chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods ensure long cylinder life.
  • Magnalube-G Teflon-impregnated grease provides a long operating life and lubricates across a wide temperature range.

5. NFPA cylinders

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Interchangeable NFPA cylinders allow users to directly replace other manufacturers' NFPA units of the same type and dimensions for greater design freedom.
NFPA pneumatic cylinders combine rugged construction and versatility. The cylinders come with magnetic pistons for position sensing and pre-lubricated with Magnalube-G grease for long life.

6. Tie-rod cylinders

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Featuring tie rod construction, these double-acting cylinders are designed to provide the longest possible stroke versus their overall length.

Technical Advantages:
  • Hard Chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods ensure long cylinder life
  • The extra-long piston rod bearing provides long and rigid support for the piston rod. The bearing material is non-metallic high-performance composite.
  • High-strength, high-performance composite resists corrosion, moisture and temperatures up to 325° F, while offering a high load capacity and very little friction.
  • Magnalube-G PTFE-impregnated grease provides a long operating life and lubricates across a wide temperature range.

7. Pneumatic slide actuators

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Innovative slides with quality construction to deliver precise, repeatable performance

Whether you require guided linear motion for a simple positioning or stamping operation or for a complex multi-axis robotic system in an automated assembly line, there's a Fabco-Air pneumatic linear slide to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of slide styles such as single- and dual-bearing, pick-and-place, table, finger, block-type thrusters, linear thrusters and rodless designs. Compact sizes and low-cost models are also available.

Thanks to our many years as innovators of inch-size compact pneumatic air cylinder technology, you can count on Fabco-Air slides for precise, repeatable operation and good load handling capabilities. They're also built tough with anodized Aluminum toolbars and bearing blocks, stainless steel and durable bearing materials, so users can expect smooth motion and a long operating life. This broad line of linear slides can accommodate many mounting configurations and also includes a variety of accessories and sensing options.

8. ISO standard pneumatic actuators

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9. Pneumatic grippers

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Advanced parallel and angular jaw motion designs

Whether you are looking for small, highly accurate grippers for assembly applications, or wider, larger grippers for the secure movement of larger payloads, you'll find what you need in our range of Fabco-Air grippers. We have a collection of angular and parallel grippers in a variety of widths, bore sizes and pressures to choose from, including hydraulic and budget options.

Our grippers feature high forces in a compact housing. Each gripper's body is constructed out of hard-coated Aluminum to resist corrosion and abrasion, minimizing maintenance time. A magnetic piston is standard for all grippers and allows you to integrate magnetic sensors to monitor the piston's positioning. All grippers come either pre-lubricated or do not require additional lubrication, ensuring that each gripper works smoothly and safely.

10. Rodless pneumatic actuators

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11. Pneumatic stopper cylinders

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12. Pneumatic swing clamps

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Swing clamps compact cylinders keep workpieces secure. These cylinders offer pneumatic or hydraulic operation, depending on the series, and several action types.

The clamp arm extends in a straight line away from the workpiece to provide plenty of space to load or unload the part. The arm can rotate 90 degrees to full extension, and it swings 90 degrees when retracting. Customers can choose model code R for clockwise and model code L for counterclockwise rotation. When the clamp arm is positioned over the workpiece, it follows a straight-line path to apply the clamping force.

13. Rotary pneumatic actuators

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Compact, high-quality actuators with arc lengths up to 270 degrees

We offer pneumatic and vane-type rotary actuators designed to fit even your tightest industrial installations. Each compact model includes various bore sizes to choose from, as well as a wide range of standard and optional features to meet your unique application requirements.

No matter your rotation angle, pressure or sensor requirements—we have a rotary actuator that will get the job done. Each unit integrates high-quality, durable materials like stainless steel and anodized Aluminum, guaranteeing their reliability in demanding conditions. In addition, our actuators include a rack-and-pinion design that minimizes backlash. They're also easily interchangeable with other actuator types.

14. Hydraulic cylinders and clamps

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